Friday, 17 May 2019

Large abstract art on box canvas

This is the largest canvas I've ever attempted- a 24" x 24" box canvas and I'll admit it did seem quite daunting at first.

 I decided on a neutral colour scheme but other than that I had no other plan for this canvas before I started.

I began by adding some gesso for a little added texture with a large spatula. I then added some Golden fluid acrylics in sepia, burnt umber and black. I love the almost watercolour effect of these acrylic paints.


I realised as I was working that I was focusing on the middle of the canvas too much and eventually tied it all together by adding areas of black on each side.

Towards the end I could see the beginnings of a citiscape but decided not to follow that path for this painting. Having said that I will at a later stage continue to work on this painting and see what transpires, it just isn't quite finished how I want it to be.


I quite like the result so far but now wish I had started with a lot more texture, but it's a good excuse to try again! I really enjoyed working large, there's just so much more space to experiment.

 For those that watch me on Youtube you will probably notice this is my first video where I have placed the camera to one side of me rather than overhead. The canvas was just too big to lay flat on my work table under the camera but I really like the different perspective of this video. You can just make out my camera rig that my husband made for me, it is so versatile that the cross bar acts as an easel too!

Given that this painting did take quite a bit if time, I have speeded it up quite a lot. I hope you enjoy it!

See you again soon, Eleanor x

Friday, 10 May 2019

Acrylic Abstract Art box canvas "581"

It is ages since I worked on canvas. As you may be aware from Youtube or my blog I usually work on card so it made a change to work on this 16" square 3D box canvas.

I wanted to create something that I hope is easy to follow and recreate. Just some simple acrylic painting with some stencilling and rubber stamping too.

I chose one of my favourite colour combinations of pink, teal and yellow on a grey background.


For my background I used Americana paints in storm cloud grey, slate grey and graphite, mixed with white. I love the Americana paints, they are good quality but reasonably inexpensive. Before the paint was dry I used a silicon brush shaper by Finnabair to scribble into the wet paint.

The first stencil I used (on top of the pink areas of paint) is by AALL & Create called Broken Circles, one of my favourite stencils. Rather than add paint with the stencil, I removed paint instead with a baby wipe.

I didn't want  a really obvious pattern so I blurred it a little as I continued to paint. The pink paints I used are Pebeo acrylic paint in Fuschia and Decoart acrylic paint in cherry blossom pink.

The alphabet and number foam stamps are by Tim Holtz (I attach the link here). If you don't have any number stamps you could always type out some numbers and letters and collage them, assuming of course you have a printer.

It was a bit ambitious stamping on to a box canvas, but all I did was just put a heavy book roughly the same depth as my canvas underneath my painting so that it made the surface rigid enough to stamp on.


I did the scribbly script in Golden's teal fluid acrylic paint using a fine tip applicator bottle and splashed some of the teal paint as well.

I love to grunge up my paintings so I used the edge of AALL & Create stencil called "parched earth" to dab black acrylic paint along each edge of the canvas. Again I was not looking for definite pattern from the stencil, just more of a random effect. You could probably achieve the same results with other stencils or some paint dabbed on to on a piece of acrylic.


I have used a variety of tools to apply the paint, not least my yellow window glass cleaning scrapers! I find hardware stores very useful for finding more unusual tools for painting.

To finish my painting I added some yellow paint by Hobbycraft, again really inexpensive, but I love this mustard shade of yellow.


I hope you enjoy the Youtube video. Even if I inspire one person in the world to try abstract art then I feel my job is done!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I have a lot more abstract art in the pipeline so please do check back! Eleanor x

Friday, 3 May 2019

Abstract art "Titan"

As my blog would suggest I love creating all kinds of art work, but I always return to abstract, it really is where my heart lies.

This is one of my favourite pieces, not least because of the colours. I've mainly used Golden High Flow acrylic paints including raw umber and burnt umber. But for me it was the addition of sepia and titan buff that really brought it all together.


I created this art work several months ago when I first started recording my work for Youtube. Unfortunately I forgot to switch the camera back on half way through, so I decided at the time not to release the video. However, I liked the result and felt that even with the missing portion of video that some one may like watching what I had recorded. So I apologise for the missing bit but I hope this does not spoil the overall video.


I have used inexpensive cardstock, just 210gsm card from The Range. My aim is to mount it on to a wooden panel to display it which would reinforce it.    


I hope you enjoy the video. I'll admit half way through it really did look very messy and it was difficult to see how anything half decent would result. But as ever, I'm always surprised myself that with perseverance even the hottest mess can end well!

Thank you for stopping by, see you again soon, Eleanor xx

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Buds and Petals

This could not be more different to my last art project. I love all kinds of art and don't like to stick to one genre as I get bored easily.

I can't even remember the last time I used watercolour. Some time ago I bought some Daniel Smith watercolours and have hardly used them. So I dusted them off and hand painted this kind of whimsical impression of some buds and petals for this week's one layer challenge over at Less Is More.


I liked the idea of these delicate vines hanging from the sentiment (by Papertrey). Then it was just a case of adding the petals and buds in a variety of colours.


I used some very fine watercolour brushes from Ebay for the vines and chinese watercolour brushes for the petals.


The watercolour paper is just some I had in my stash and I don't know where I got it from.


I am rusty at watercolour painting but I quite like how it turned out. I think with a bit more practice I could improve on this.


Anyway, I hope you like it, thank you so much for stopping by, Eleanor xx

Friday, 26 April 2019

Abstract mark making session...

One of my favourite things to do is mark making, especially when I get in a bit of a rut which I think I have done recently. This was purely a mark making exercise and not intended to be "finished" pieces of art, just mark making for the pure fun of it!


I started by dividing my paper with masking tape. I have used an A3 heavy weight mixed media cardstock. By dividing the paper this way you get a co-ordinating series of art work without much effort.
I started the process by scribbling with my Boldmere B pencils, the darkest of which is 8B. I also used my beloved Paintstik oil sticks by Markal. These are great if you just scribble, or whether you scribble then blend. They also work well with acrylic paints layered over the top.

I also used my wax crayons by Manley which I got from Amazon. I love the wide range of colours in the pack of 30.


To apply the acrylic paint I used a small rubber brayer and the side of my hand which you can see in the video. It was why I wore rubber gloves for this project! I use my fingers a lot for acrylic painting, but the side of my hand gave a completely random brushed effect without any brush marks.

I like to use these mini art pieces as a springboard for larger projects or just keep them as they are to refer back to if I need to.


I think these would look great translated on to a large canvas.


I have a Youtube video for anyone who would like to see the process. I hope it inspires you!

Thank you for stopping by, Eleanor x

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Finnabair April 2019 challenge "burgundy"

I've been struggling the last couple of weeks to even get in my craft room. Frustratingly I have to pace myself as I get tired so easily but at least I managed to put together these art journal pages for this month's colour challenge over at Finnabair which you can see here.

I rarely use the colour burgundy and definitely found this a challenge. I have tried to achieve different tones and values with the red and burgundy paints that I have. 

I don't think I've ever created such a vivid piece of work!


My "art journal" is in fact an old book fom a charity shop. I like it because it is quite small and not too daunting. 

For texture, I've used Finnabair's "swirly florals" stencil.


To pick up on the touches of gold I tried to add some gold foiling whilst the paint was still wet but it didn't work too well. Instead I brushed a Tim Holtz ornate book plate with gold gilding wax. The sentiment is a Finnabair sentiment sticker.

 It has been good to use colours outside of my comfort zone. I nearly gave up at one point as the red colours seemed too over powering, but although this is much more vivid than my usual work I actually quite like it!

I managed to produce a video for anyone who wishes to see the process.

I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for stopping by, Eleanor x

Friday, 12 April 2019

Bright and colourful cards with neon acrylic inks

I am so in love with bright colours at the moment but I decided to take it to the limit by adding neon colours. I never realised just how happy neon colours make me.


I began by stencilling acrylic inks to create a background pattern. Not necessarily an obvious thing to do as you don't get a nice crisp stencil outline with acrylic inks. But it wasn't the look I was after. I just wanted to create a little watery random pattern to add some "visual" texture.


In addition to using acrylic inks I used Dr P H Martin Bombay india inks. I really love adding these over the top of my art work as they are transparent and waterprooof. As they are transparent you can still see some of the earlier stencilled pattern underneath.


The combination of the acrylic inks and india inks almost create a watercolour effect, although I think the colours are much brighter and deeper than watercolour.

I have used sari silk ribbon from Ebay to finish my cards.


I usually used really inexpensive white card from The Range for mixed media which may not make sense as it is not a heavyweight cardstock. I used to worry and fret so much about card warping when adding ink and paint which I found occured no matter how heavy the cardstock was.

My way around this is to adhere my art work to another piece of card to reinforce it when I have finished. That way I don't have to use expensive heavy weight card in the first place only to end up reinforcing it anyway. I came to the conclusion years ago that I may as well use cheaper card instead.


One of my other recent discoveries was grid paper which I got from Ebay. To me it is visually pleasing when you can see the grid pattern underneath the ink...


The Youtube video for this is slightly longer than usual. I think I got a bit carried away, this project became quite a labour of love! Please click on the picture below to see the full process.

I really hope you enjoy the video.

Thank you for stopping by, see you again soon, Eleanor x

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Don't be foiled...

I wanted to break away from the cool colours I have been working with recently and go really bright colours for a change. And this is what I came up with...


Using a variety of colourful acrylic paints I created my background...


I have foiled my sentiments by die cutting them from double sided adhesive sheets and rubbing them with gold foil from Crafter's Companion. The love die is by Hero Arts and the Hugs die is by Papertrey.


To create come contrast with the background I added a floral stencil with white paint and a black damask stencil design in black.

These really are such a contrast to my recent creations and I love the results.


There is no Youtube video for this one, sometimes I just like to play without the faffing of the video camera! Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel though as there are lots of art and mixed media videos on there you might like!

These creations are for the Simon Says Challenge this week which is called "Don't be fooled, be foiled". 

I hope you are having a good day and thank you for stopping by!

Eleanor x

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Back at last...

I have made the decision to resurrect my blog. Now feels the right time. Let me explain...

After only a few months of starting this blog over a year ago, I was unable to continue with it. As my last post suggests my health was in trouble. Big trouble. Really big trouble. OK, not terminal, but nonetheless still very serious. 

So I had to take a break. Despite feeling ill so much of the time, as soon as I felt well enough, I wanted to move into videoing my art work with a view to starting a Youtube channel. It kept me motivated through some very dark times.

Of course, it was the art that was the main motivation, not just the desire to do Youtube. Art has always been my saviour and has kept me going both physically and mentally.

So, my lovely hubbie made an overhead rig for my video camera, and when I felt well enough, I switched on the camera each time I worked. Then I had to learn video editing. Luckily hubbie is a whiz at the tech stuff and was able to teach me the ropes. But it took a long time as I could only learn it in between my health relapses. So my blog suffered, I simply could not do Youtube and blogging.

I had no idea how time consuming being a Youtube creator is, and I take my hat off to each and every one. There was so much to learn that only now do I feel confident with creating videos. I actually really enjoy video editing and find it every bit as creative as the art work. And in turn I now feel able to do Youtube and create blog posts as well. I enjoy writing as well a creating videos, and sometimes it easier to explain my thought processes in a blog rather than a video. Above all though, doing all of this has helped me get through some very tough times and has helped take my mind off feeling so tired and ill so much of the time.

My new fave toys art products are Sennelier oil sticks as I demonstrated in my last Youtube video here. The Sennelier oil sticks blend very easily and can be used to create a very grungy, messy, smudgy background very quickly. Not only that but I discovered that you can layer acrylic paint over the top. It will dry and adhere perfectly. 

And here is my messy desk with my messy art work...

P1050924 brightened 

I love love these colours. The rich yellow ochres combined with sepia and teal is especially one of my favourite colour combinations. In addition to the oil sticks I used Sepia Extra acrylic paint by Old Holland to add even more depth of colour.

And so I created art journal covers with my art work. You can see how I made them in my Youtube video here. 

I love how they turned out...


I didn't go too heavy on the oil sticks and love that I can still see my vintage papers and book text collage peeking through.


I deliberately don't even try and blend my white paint very much, I like the raw almost unfinished look. Maybe that's a bit weird but I just love messy art!


 The gold heat embossed sentiments are from my favourite stamp set by Donna Downey called "Empowered Words" by Unity stamps.


 I have used May Arts cord to secure my journal signatures.


I did wonder if anyone would watch my Youtube videos as the process of mixed media and abstract art can be soo ugly at times but you have to go through the ugly hot mess to get to the beauty. At least sometimes. It doesn't always work out lol.

I shall be entering my messy art journal covers in to the Simon Says Monday challenge this week which is called  "play with paint".

You can see the whole process on my Youtube channel Red Queen Art Creations

  I hope to see you over there!

Thank you for stopping by, Eleanor x

Monday, 7 May 2018

Mixed media cards "Let life suprise you"

It has taken me a while to get back into crafting again. I've really been struggling with everything. I think that my recent health scare has had more of an impact than maybe I realised, it's hard to be creative when you are worried something might seriously be wrong. Thankfully I am OK but I think it will be a while before I am back to my true creative self.

These little creations came out of nowhere. I had been mindlessly painting, really creating what I thought was a mess. But I added some Art Basics heavy gesso on top of my paint and covered with black acrylic paint resulting in these gorgeous texture cards...

muted colours 1 

 My first layer of paint included lots of muted colours, pinks, greens and even lilac. Much of this got covered when I added the black paint but I love how the muted colours are still peeking in the backround.

muted colours 7 

I started as I usually do-on an A4 sheet of heavy mixed media cardstock. As I worked aimlessly I was getting more and more fed up, it was not going well and I very nearly threw it in the bin. But just as I was about to give up, I could see elements of the piece that I really liked, especially the texture. When I cut it up I realised I absolutely loved the end result. Not what I was expecting at all! 

The Tim Holtz Small Talk stickers say it all...

muted colours  8 

The beautiful metal frames are also by Tim Holtz...

muted colours 5 

I'm so glad I did not give up! It has taught me to really look carefully at my art before deciding whether it discard it.

Thank you for stopping by xx