Friday, 15 December 2017

Mini abstract art for card making...

Having only set up my new blog recently I was disappointed that all of a sudden my mojo just up and left me which is why I have been missing for a few weeks. However I'm glad to report that it is slowly returning and I have been playing in my craft room and now have several projects on the go.

I hadn't tried any abstract art for a while and wanted to create some especially for card making. This meant trying to create movement and detail on a much smaller scale to make it sufficiently interesting.

abstract art mini 1 

 The palette I chose was shades of dark blue with ochre and gold.


I used acrylic paint to create an A4 piece of art, and then used a piece of card with a square aperture to isolate the areas I thought were the best.

abstract art mini 3 

 I think giving anyone a handmade card is such a lovely personal thing to do, but it does not get any more personal than creating your own art work to give away.

abstract art mini 2

I hope you like these little creations, have a great day whatever you are doing xx


  1. Wow...I was visiting 'It's a card days night', which referenced your backgrounds...these are beautiful!♥