Thursday, 8 February 2018

Abstract acrylic-Industrial style

This is about as far removed from my usual style as I've ever taken my art. I could not get to sleep last night so got up and just started playing with a silicone paint brush instead of an ordinary acrylic brush.

Initially I hated it. I hated the colours and I thought it was a complete mess. But with a bit of patience I added some detail and this was the result...

Industrial 2

I have to say I love the silicone brush. I love the movement it created as I built the layers up and all the different strokes you can create with it. These were really quick to create as well, just a few minutes to complete. I found it best not to think about it too much as I wanted a really random look.

I added a piece of silk sari ribbon to finish this one...

 Industrial 4

I love number stencils, for me these pieces would not have been the same without the numbers.

Industrial 3 

 I have to say these are some of my favourite ever creations and I will definitely not shy away from this style in the future.

Industrial 1

 I am having problems uploading these to Pinterest but will as soon they fix the problem. See you again soon xx

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  1. you really should be selling these, awesome abstract art. I love the industrial influence :)