Thursday, 12 October 2017

Watercolour marbled cards...

Since my last post I have been experimenting more with abstract watercolour and came up with this marbled effect.

It was very easy. I just sprayed Adirondack wash in Espresso and Butterscotch and added some burnt sienna and burnt umber paints. Then I just dragged a very thin paintbrush with India ink through the wet paint and allowed it all to dry.

1marbles card 6 

Once it had dried I was trying to think of ways to incorporate it into some card making, and came up with the idea of some aperture cards, so that the aperture would draw the eye to the marbled cardstock. I did however make just one card where I have used it as a background so that the marbling effect can be clearly seen.

marbled card 10

I really like this next card. I love the sentiment by Penny Black and then at the last minute I decided to thread some beads from Hobby Craft and attach them to the card. The beads have a lovely gold fleck that matched the marbling perfectly.

marbled card 8 

All other sentiments used are from my fave Donna Downey Empowered Sentiments stamp set.

marbled card 7 

And one more aperture card with a yellow flower that also matched my background.

marbled watercolour abstract card 11 

I make no excuses for using my India ink yet again. The india ink when it is painted holds a line and splits beautifully when added to wet paint to create this marbled effect, and as I've mentioned before stays a true black when dry.

marbled card 5

I was really pleased at how these turned out and I hope you like them too x

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  1. OMG that's so beautiful, i love the effect of the India ink.